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Rules ~You must read before joining~

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Rules ~You must read before joining~ Empty Rules ~You must read before joining~

Post by Mossberg on Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:24 pm

1. You may have 1-4 accounts, but you may only have one character on each. Meaning, you can have 2 accounts, but you must then have 2 characters. Or you can have 1 account, but no more than one character. You may have no more than 4 accounts.

2. Be active! If you have not been on for 4 days, you will be banned. You can avoid this by posting a reply in the "Absent" topic.

3. NO POWER PLAYING You may not speak for another characters actions, example "I push Mossberg to the ground, pinning her. She tries to run but I attack her" What if Mossberg didn't try to run? You may also not kill another character without their permission.

4. You must post your bio within a week of joining Posting in the absents will not avoid this. If you will be away, you must do it the second you join, or wait to join.

5. You must post in the Rp area at least 3 times a week The only way to avoid this, is posting in the absents, or a player involved in your Rp being away.

6. No double posting If you are rping, and see yourself wanting to add to your last post, edit it in. We will delete all double posts, and give the posters a warning.

7. swearing You may swear as much as you want in the chat box, as long as it is not directed to another player. If you are jokeing with the player, make sure you say "Just kidding" Right after. You may swear in the Rps. But, if you swear in the Rps, please don't go overboard. You may have 0-2 swears in 5 full size posts.

8. Good sized Rp posts. in rule 5, I said how often to post, and the only ways to get around that. Now I will mention, You MUST have a 2 and a half line post no where below. Your post may not be anymore than 35 lines. Please, keep the font normal sized, so don't make it smaller so you can fit 35 lines, and don't make it larger so its 2 and a half lines. We will delete these posts. (Keep in mind, all of this means when it is sent. If you think its too short, or long, or long, preview it first, and that will be how long it is when you post it)

9. Obey You must obey all admins and moderators. If what they are saying seems fishy, send me a pm. You may say "I'm going to Pm mossberg about this" Then send me a pm saying "Admin/Moderator ________ said this is a rule ________ do i have to follow it?" If it is something in the rules, I will not answer.

10. No more than 3 characters you are speaking for. If you have a sibling, you will be speaking for, ok. Please, have no more than 3. I don't want it to be TOO confusing for others.

11. No super 'Nerdy' terms. By this I'm saying, No more than 2 'Nerdy' term, Nerdy terms are fifth appendage, optic's, audits, Ribbon, etc. You may have 2 of these, Even if you use "Ribbon" 10 times, it would be against the rules. You may say Ribbon twice, Or Ribbon and Fifth Appendage. Please, make sure you use it in a way others can some what understand what it means.


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