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Russet //Gray Wolf//

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Russet //Gray Wolf// Empty Russet //Gray Wolf//

Post by Russet on Mon Feb 22, 2016 10:14 pm



~~Prefers female gender~~

~~Gray Wolf~~


Russet was born into captivity in a lab, observed by scientists since wolves were rare in the area, almost extinct, and he was more rebellious than his brother and sister. His parents were often having to fight to keep him alive because the scientists were contemplating whether or not to put the lupine down. Eventually, the humans grew tired of his rebellious nature and cast him out, forced to fend for himself. At the age of 2, he gave up on trying to find others, and now lives alone. He taught himself to hunt, swim, and trust his instincts. Due to the scientists often striking him for discipline, he has a poor sense of smell, for he was often hit on the nose or in that area. He has developed a strong fear of humans, and when near them, he has developed a habit of freezing up or running away, never standing up for himself in their presence fearing they're all the same.

Fur Color: dark brown
Fur Length: short and thick
Fur Design: his paws are all a dark black, appearing more black than the rest of his coat, which is more of a brown, appearing black. His belly fur is slightly lighter than the rest of his pelt, and his face is complete utter black.
Eye Base Color: green
Eye Rim Color: brown

Solitary, Rebellious, Curious, Refuses to obey others

Parents ~ Unknown
Siblings ~ Unknown
Crush ~ None
Mate ~ None
Pups ~ None

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Russet //Gray Wolf// Empty Re: Russet //Gray Wolf//

Post by Mossberg on Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:36 am

if you could jusr change the traits, so it says traits, then a comma. So, for you more like
Curious, Rebellious, Reuses to obey, Afraid of others

Other than that, your accepted!

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