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Example Bio

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Post by Mossberg on Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:49 pm

Please, Don't Over Complicate Anything, Stick To The Basics!

~Put a image here, if you don't know/can't put a picture, please copy and paste a link here and we will put it in~
~Character name~
~He/she is a (gender)~
~He/she prefers (The gender you prefer)~

Enter 4+ lines of your history


Fur color~ (Please just say colors, example; Black, white, tan, brindle. NOT; Black around my eye, white tail tip, brindle body, white chest)

Fur length~ (You may say where it is longer, or just "Long and thick" or "Long and thin" etc. Example; Thick fur, which is longer at my ears)

Fur design~ (You will here put what color is where on your body, example; "My muzzle, paws, belly, and "eyeliner" is pink, with black spots everywhere, like a dalmation, one of these black spots is over my ear, the base of my coat is white" And that would most likely describe a dalmation)

Eye base color~ (This may be only one color, as for it is the middle/base of your eye. The lines will be in a different catigory)

Eye rim color~ (This will also be the lines through your eye, and may be 1 color.)

Other~ Anything i didn't put? place it here! (If there is nothing else you want to or you want to leave this blank, please do not put this area, but make sure you ask me if its ok first, i will edit anything not aloud out, and pm you saying i did just that)

(Here you put a list of traits, please make sure you put commas after each trait)


Parents~ (You must put something, if you don't know them, please put "unknown" if they passed, say "passed away" and please say (example) "Shadow - father, Grace - mother")

Siblings~ (Same as parents, but if you have none, say "None")

Crush~ (Say their name, and gender, or "none")

Mate~ (say their name and gender, and make sure they use this site, or will this month)

Pups~ (Say their name and gender, or none. Example; Sophia female, Jay male, etc etc etc)

Please, show me what you are putting! it MUST be me you show, and no one else, no other admin, or moderator. If i see something i didn't think i accepted, i will edit it out of your post, and pm you, saying i did so.

YOU MUST COLOR CODE YOUR POST (it doesn't have to be the same colors as this post)

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