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Mossberg's Depression Stories

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Post by Mossberg on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:54 am

I have bad depression. This is where I well say all of the stories, so no one feels left out.

I well supply them with dates, if you have a reply, please say the date on top of your reply.

Please, stay positive, Nothing will help if you give bad comments.

February 29th 2016
I tried to kill myself, by cutting the back of my neck with a steak knife, just deep enough to bleed out in around 1-2 hours. Russet convinced me to stop, so wrapped my neck up in ace bandages and towels. Everyone can thank Russet that i'm still here, and if you hear us talking about weird stuff, its probably about this. I started to choke, mostly on blood, but (obviously) I was crying, which didn't make it any better. I just figured I would let everyone know, So they weren't lost when we talk about it. Awesome news, is i have two monitors XD Bullet and Russet.

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