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{ Avanti | Female | Alaskan Malamute }

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{ Avanti | Female | Alaskan Malamute }

Post by Avanti on Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:45 pm

|| Avanti ||
~Prefers Males~
~Alaskan Malamute~

~ History ~
Avanti was born in a litter of six to two loving parents, Dai and Georgia, two Alaskan Malamutes. Her father was light brown and white, her mother a black and white damsel, of course, Avanti got her father's coat, but her mother's eyes. She was the only pup to have her father's pelt, as black was the more dominant color of the two. After six weeks, she was the first of her litter to be adopted. Within the first week she would cry out for her mother and her siblings, of course they never replied. From then on she was trained to be a proper dog, learned basic commands and then some and was even put in beauty competitions, and most of the time she won. However around a year of age she was stolen from her yard, and later was placed in dog fights. Her 'owners' have plans to breed her in the future.

~ Appearance ~

Red, Light brown, and White

Fur Length:
Her pelt is long and thick, hanging loosely off of her tail, cheek and stomach.

Fur Design:
Avanti is mainly red with a light brown tail and white 'eyebrows', muzzle to neck base, under belly, leg, and lower chest.

Eye Base:
A light yellowish-amber.

Eye Rim:
Dark yellow.

Avanti has a long tail that usually stays curled over her spine.

~ Scent ~
She originally smells of roses and a hint of honey.

~ Age ~
Two years and four months.

~ Traits ~
Curious; Determined; Intelligent; Stubborn; Sarcastic; Fearful; Distrusting; Aggressive

~ Family ~

Unknown to her.

She knows she had four siblings, all male, but their names have slipped her mind.




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Re: { Avanti | Female | Alaskan Malamute }

Post by Mossberg on Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:11 pm

Accepted. You may now RP when the areas are up. Can't wait! Very Happy

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