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Florida|Female|Great Dane| Empty Florida|Female|Great Dane|

Post by Florida on Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:32 pm

~Florida|Female|Great Dane| E5811e3d526dd5f2b1885ec77b965b6b~
~she is a female~
~she prefers males~
~Great Dane~

Florida was born in an abandoned old shed, just like so many other strays, she has two older siblings named England and Iowa, Florida's first three months of life were genuinely  good, well, as good as life could be when your a stray, but her entire world crashed down when the shed caught fire in the middle of a lightning storm, Florida barely escaped with her life, but her lungs were permanently damaged  from smoke inhalation. Florida and her two siblings fled into the city, where they sheltered in a rickety cardboard box that they used as a den, several months later, when the three dogs had figured life was alright, England was hit by a car and killed. Florida was scarred by her sister's death, (as her and England had been very close) and developed a deep deep fear for cars that still haunts her to this day, Florida has also struggled with night terrors and depression ever since England was killed, Iowa does his best to protect his sister, but he can't protect her from her feelings.


Fur color~ golden tan

Fur length~ Florida's fur is very short,  yet surprisingly thick.

Fur design~ Florida's base coat is a golden tan color, her ears are a slightly darker brown, Florida's paws and paw fur were singed black by a fire, as was the tip of her tail, her fur is parted by a large scar that weaves from the beginning of her thigh and ends at her knee.

Eye base color~ a goldish olive green color

Eye rim color~ the rims of her eyes are a dark navy blue color

kind, sarcastic, sassy, secretive, bubbly,


Parents~ Doc- Father (passed away) Rose- Mother (passed away)

Siblings~ England- Sister (deceased) Iowa- Brother

Crush~ none

Mate~ none

Pups~ none

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Florida|Female|Great Dane| Empty Re: Florida|Female|Great Dane|

Post by Mossberg on Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:27 am

Accepted. You may now rp.

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