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Post by Mossberg on Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:21 am

Here, You will find all of the ranks rules. It is mostly for hidden groups, as for the open groups don't really have rules, that is why they are open groups.

Alpha~ To become a alpha, you must have other players playing the required roles. Find the required roles under "Joining A Hidden Rank". You must have a mate. You must be over 2 years old (your character)

Beta~ To become a beta, you need to contact the alpha. You must be 1 or more years of age (Your character)

Pack healer~ This is someone in a pack that heals the others. You have to be over 6 months old (Your character) and have your pack figured out.

Hunter~ You must have 2, or more hunters in a pack. A hunter must be one of the alphas pups, or siblings.

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